WE HAVE VACUUM TUBES here at LF Engineering……

Over 50 different types unused in the box in limited quantities in our inventory……………

Here is a partial list:



0A3,5693,6J7,12AU7,12AT7,6K6,6AS7, 80 and more.  Contact: for your needs and pricing informaton.



With the vulnerability of GPS and GNSS at stake, which can be easily jammed, a backup is necessary. The new eLORAN is being implemented in Europe and the UK is getting serious about it. The high power and low frequency used by eLORAN makes it virtually jam proof and the UK has a goal to have it operational by 2018.

If anyone has been monitoring around 100kHz lately, at times loran testing can be observed. This is a good sign that eLORAN is not quite dead here in the US. In the last few years LF Engineering has been working with a LORAN expert, Ben Peterson and URSA NAV Inc. developing LF active antennas for this project. The latest antenna with a calibration input scheme has been developed for gain/phase accuracy testing. Right now production is on hold possibly due to a lack of funding. Hopefully we will get our act together before it’s too late.


2012 Hifer Report

Hifers NC,square wave,and EH and USC, QRSS3 cw/fsk copied at VK2XV

The 2012 Hifer season proved to be a record breaking year. Many US Hifers(high frequency experimental radio) running milliwatts of power and modest antennas made it into Austrailia thanks to Steve, VK2XV’s grabber. EH in CT was the first to be copied and later RY in Maine broke the record. Shortly after EH broke that record being copied on VK7ZL’s grabber in Tasmania.

Also IK1WVQ in Northern Italy copied many Hifers as well as shown below.

Sandy aftermath tweeks

Well sitting in the dark, without power, on Halloween night, around 21:00 to 21:30 hrs local, quite bored , I dug up the protoype L-600S and gave a listen. At first I heard the switcher in the head lamp and my watch ticking 3′ away. The 60 Hz crud was very low and I could hear the clanking bottles, that is “tweeks” very strong with the loop facing East and West. At times,I could hear the alternator whine of the cars driving by at about 60′ in front of my home. At a North – South  loop direction, a unique frying “hiss” was noted.