2012 Hifer Report

Hifers NC,square wave,and EH and USC, QRSS3 cw/fsk copied at VK2XV

The 2012 Hifer season proved to be a record breaking year. Many US Hifers(high frequency experimental radio) running milliwatts of power and modest antennas made it into Austrailia thanks to Steve, VK2XV’s grabber. EH in CT was the first to be copied and later RY in Maine broke the record. Shortly after EH broke that record being copied on VK7ZL’s grabber in Tasmania.

Also IK1WVQ in Northern Italy copied many Hifers as well as shown below.

One thought on “2012 Hifer Report

  1. Well 2013 was a not the best year for Hifers compared to last year, let’s hope for better luck in 2014.
    Later……Sal, K1RGO

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