About Us

Welcome to our line of Low Frequency, Natural Radio Research, Broadcast, Marine and Shortwave products. Our evolving product line is the result of our dedicated research efforts primarily in the areas of LF, VLF, MF, and HF. All our designs are original and produced exclusively by our company. Research and continuous testing is the cornerstone of what we do at LF Engineering. All products are manufactured at our facility in East Haven, Connecticut, USA.

LF Engineering has been designing and manufacturing low frequency communication products since 1984 with a strong following among Commercial and government interests, 1750 meter experimenters, hams and SWLs across the country and around the world. Our products are carefully tested to be electrically stable and mechanically rugged. Our primary and continuing goal is to serve the commerical installer, RF experimenter and researcher with much better low frequency communication equipment than is available from any other source and at affordable prices. Custom designs or variations on existing designs are available on a limited basis. Since we are primarily a research oriented company, we are always available to discuss and share with you any interest within the RF communications spectrum.

Sal DeFrancesco
LF Engineering Co.